Student Communication and Presentation Skills Workshop

Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills Workshop for Youth and Young Adults

Next-generation leaders need to be prepared to effectively communicate in any situation: on the phone or in person, in writing and via presentation to a group. Learn how to leverage hot-button topics and confidently communicate your ideas to any size audience with coaching from Score Communications.

Did you know that nearly every professional job description requires advanced written and oral communication skills? When you enter the workforce, you must be able to convince others that you are confident and knowledgeable -- and able to immediately add value to their organization. These are the skills that are not taught in a traditional classroom:

  • The ability to stand proudly and capture the attention of audiences of any size
  • How to make eye contact appropriately and not aggressively during a professional conversation
  • Body language that gives away your lack of confidence
  • Using your hands to help your audience visualize a complex topic
  • Correctly leveraging presentation tools to help tell your story (without asking people to read!)
  • How to summarize information in a way that causes the reader to take action
  • Listen to your audience to find their hot buttons -- and leverage them to gain consensus

The gift of communication is the most important one that you can provide to a recent graduate or college student: a roadmap to excellence within the professional community. 

Effective Communication is a 2-Way Street

Listening and adapting your approach is one of the most critical strategies in communication. Young adults may not have the high-level listening skills that are required to convince others to follow their lead. This one-day course provides written and oral fundamentals that can be applied in a variety of different formats including meetings, interviews, one-on-one conversations and more.

Learn to Convince and Convert

Listening for the points that are important to your audience and turning those around into benefits requires practice and a skillset that is underutilized in many individuals. Persuading others requires understanding how your audience thinks and a strong relationship of trust. See how to build that rapport with others quickly and effectively -- and very naturally. See how to change the attitude of others by focusing on credibility and targeted speech.

Add Fuel to Your Future

Leading others may come naturally, but few people have all the skills needed for successful communication from day 1. Instead, it requires focus and attention to find the best practices that will work for you. Your future growth trajectory can be greatly influenced by whether or not you are able to bring others around to your way of thinking. When you can reliably sway people to your influence, you are one step closer to achieving your long-term career goals.

Find the Power In Your Words

In school, we are taught that a certain number of words or pages of information are required to complete an assignment. In the professional world, you will find that just the opposite is true! If you are not prepared for this seismic shift in thinking, you will leave behind the impression that you are not able to accomplish something -- even if you know you can get it done. Learning the value of self-editing helps you distill your words so you are only sharing the most powerful and persuasive arguments.

When you are looking for the ideal graduation or "getting started" gift for a youth or young adult, look no further than this one-day coaching course. The team at Score Communications has been sharing this master's level program at the University of Florida for over a decade, with exceptional results. Students should expect to gain as much practical knowledge in this single session as they would garner from a full semester of graduate-level study on the topics.