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From Sales to Leadership: What You Need to Know to Make the Leap

You are probably a better-than-average salesperson, living the good life when suddenly your boss wants to promote you. Initially, you may be extremely excited as this new opportunity to share your skills and knowledge with the world.

However, it's important to note that the same character traits and qualities that made you a killer in sales are unlikely to be the same skills that you need to manage others. You don't want to mess up this big opportunity, so what do you do? If you are likely nearly every other newly-promoted manager, you immediately begin to make some mistakes.

Mistakes Made by Early Leaders

According to , there are some common mistakes that all newbie leaders make. They can include everything from poor communication and lack of delegation to failing to focus on what is truly important to move the company forward. However, perhaps the biggest mistake that new leaders make is the lack of ability or know-how to properly train, motivate and reward their staff. Instead, there is generally a lot to be learned when you shift roles from an individual contributor to a more senior leader. Focusing on day-to-day tactics instead of looking at a more cohesive strategy can also be a big culprit when it comes to driving others to excel. You may:

  • Attempt to do everything yourself, meaning your team never learns or understands how to perform specific tasks or why a strategy went in a particular direction.
  • Helicopter manage: severe micromanaging that can cause staff to shut down completely.
  • Improperly delegating assignments -- or assigning individuals to perform a task that is far outside their comfort level or above their head.
  • Hiring employees who are not a great organization fit, even if they have all the required skills and abilities

You can avoid these challenges when you educate yourself about the difference between being a good salesperson and an exceptional leader. Studies have shown that these poor management techniques are not effective -- and can even cause you to crash and burn before you are able to prove yourself. 

Real-World Wins

Our management workshops will help leverage your extensive sales knowledge to train and nurture others to expand their skills and abilities. What made you a great sales leader may not immediately translate to leadership, but you are certainly trainable! We can show you how to effectively coach your team while leveraging the knowledge that you gained in the field. We work with you to build a management process that will fit your style -- and most importantly -- one that will be accepted by your peers. We utilize the teachings of some of the best in the business:

  • Ginni Rometty, president and CEO of IBM and the first woman to hold that title
  • Ray Dalio, whose simple 5-step formula has helped millions rise to success
  • Peter Drucker, the prolific author and winning management consultant
  • Bruce Avolio, recognized recently as one of the most influential management scholars

These masters of their craft have been studied by generations of management professionals. We will work with you directly to ensure that you are able to leverage the best parts of their teachings to craft your own winning leadership style. Contact us today at 203 724-7644 or via email to to learn more and get started.