Personality Profiling

Building Self-Aware Leaders  

You will feel several influences on your leadership style throughout your life, starting with your parents and coaches when you are young and extending to the relationships that you develop with colleagues. Everything from life experiences, character, cognitive ability and maturity all play a part in making you the leader that you are today. You can -- and should -- continue to grow your leadership style throughout your career, diving into challenges that you may be experiencing and capitalizing on your strong points.

Considering leadership as a one-to-one relationship is limiting: at Score Communications, we evaluate your leadership style as it relates to other personality styles. Using the DiSC® style can be leveraged to drive forward your organization's key initiatives and improve your leadership EQ and agility.

Be Your Most Effective Self

The DiSC® behavioral styles profile looks for ways to understand the differences between individuals and how they communicate, influence and make decisions. With our unique approach, you will dig deep into your personal results to define how to utilize the tendencies that you already have to become the most effective leader possible in a variety of situations. This inward focus helps grow emotional maturity and a more profound understanding of self so that you can achieve even greater results.

Tangible Steps Forward

Perhaps the most exciting part of taking part in this work is the tangible steps that you will define, helping you lead your organization towards the desired outcomes. You will not be dealing in broad generalities; instead, your work will be personalized and relevant at all levels. Moving through the program allows you to take advantage of the strengths that you already must develop preferred behaviors that are context-specific.

Vision, Alignment and Execution

The straightforward three-step process authored in The Work Of Leaders is ordered around vision, alignment and execution. Each of these facets of leadership is focused to help you reflect on your approach to the most fundamental work of leaders:

  • Creating a Vision: Boldly explore new possibilities for the future, test your assumptions and craft a vision.
  • Building Alignment around that vision: Clearly communicate your vision, provide inspiration and engage in dialog
  • Championing Execution of the vision: Create the required momentum, structure and feedback, empower your teams and bring your vision to life

The knowledge from more than 300 subject matter experts from 150 organizations together makes up the basis for this body of work. The principles have been vetted and are extremely sound -- all converging to define this specific set of leadership best practices.

Interpreting your DiSC® profile through this lens isn't meant to imply you can or cannot move in a specific direction. Instead, it allows you to find the path that is most effective and efficient for accomplishing your personal and organizational goals.

Learn more about utilizing your DiSC® results to pull forth the best version of your leadership style -- improving your self-awareness and creating better outcomes as a leader. Contact Score Communications today at 203-724-7644 or via email to get started.