Executive Communication Coaching

Executive Communication Skills

Reverse Negativity and Gain Faster Approvals.

Whether you have been in an executive role for years or are recently ascended from a business unit, you probably realize how important it is to be able to communicate effectively at all levels of the organization. Emotional intelligence is often cited as a critical element of business leadership success, and one of the best ways to overcome these challenges is to learn how to communicate more effectively. 

As a leader, you must be able to quickly make connections with others: when you're presenting, when you're leading or attending a meeting and when you're writing a business missive. The hundreds of unintentional decisions that you make before or during communication could be hindering your ability to effectively guide conversations to consensus around your viewpoint. 

Effective leadership is hinged on the ability to provide clear direction, offer recognition and feedback and create an inclusive environment where your employees can thrive. This is especially important at an executive level, where you are setting the tone for the entire organization. You need to project the presence of a senior executive to your Board, your peers and your direct reports. 

Here's what you will gain: 

  • Enhanced social skills
  • Heightened self-awareness
  • Improved levels of empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Increased motivation
  • Boost in cognition at work
  • Deeper learnings about where you need to improve
  • Ability to advance projects more rapidly and with greater buy-in
  • More confidence to "lean in" to your decisions 
  • Clarity around your personal goals, leading to a deeper conviction
  • Better awareness of blind spots that may be holding you back

Holistic Approach to Learning

Our comprehensive executive communications coaching is a holistic approach to learning the communication skills that you need to be successful. There are courses that focus on presentation, on written communication and on delivering negative feedback. 

This course gives you all of that . . . plus so much more!

  • Present your ideas up the management chain
  • Handle pressure from an audience who may not be supportive of your ideas
  • Orchestrate a successful business launch
  • Sell your ideas in a way that will make people want to support them
  • Speak anytime, anywhere -- without prior preparation
  • Move any size group to action
  • Brief your boss (and gain approval for your ideas!)
  • Present awards in a memorable way
  • Effectively introduce other speakers
  • Make the perfect toast
  • Emcee any type of event
  • Deliver a talk that inspires your listeners to action

A Tailored Learning Approach

Each session is tailored to your specific needs and you will walk away from each session with new tools and knowledge that you can apply immediately. Our hands-on skill practice, videotaped exercises, extensive coaching and feedback will force you out of your comfort zone so you can succeed beyond expectations. 

Part of the learning process includes creating a customized follow-up development plan that will continue to stretch you to be your best. 

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